Програма -доклади на английски език

Venue: Conference Room


9 – 10.30

Moderator: Prof. Dr Ivanka Raynova

  • проф. д-р Владимир Диев, Риск и неопределенность в философии, науке, управлении (with English translation)
  • Dr Andrej Mitic, Rethinking Balkans: Space and Identity in Bulgarian and Serbian hetero-imagination
  • Dr Bianka Boteva-Richter, The Value of Home as Place or Un-Place in the New Global Localisation

11 – 12.30

Moderator: Dr Bianka Boteva-Richter

  • Prof. Dr Ivanka Raynova, Human Being, Human Rights and Dignity from the Perspective of Paul Ricoeur’s Hermeneutic Phenomenology
  • Dr Eleftherius Sarantis, Legislators’ TemporaryPermanence and the Revocable Vote
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr Ronald Weed, Aristotle and Rawls on Political Conflict and the Problem of Consensus

14 – 15.30

Moderator: Prof. Dr Luis Fernández Moreno

  • Dr David Martens, True Belief, Knowledge, and Knowledge Assessment
  • Andrea Raimondi, A Puzzle About Semantic Properties and Facts
  • Francesco Galina, A Context-Sensitive Solution to the Coat Problem

16 – 17.30

Moderator: Dr David Martens

  • Prof. Dr Luis Fernández Moreno, Reference Change in Putnam’s Theory
  • Jacob Green Werkmäster, A Fair Reading of ‘Ought implies Can’
  • Assist. Prof. Simon Langford, Recent Work on Knowledge Ascriptions



9 – 10.30

Moderator: Prof. Dr Nikolai Milkov

  • Assist. Prof. Guillaume Dechauffour, The future of epistemology
  • Res. Assist. Necdet Yildiz, Perspectivist Approaches to “Truth”: James and Nietzsche

11 – 12.30
Moderator: Assist. Prof. Guillaume Dechauffour

  • Dr. Susanne Moser, Personalist vs. rationalist approach to virtues: Max Scheler and Christoph Halbig
  • Prof. Dr Nikolai Milkov, Hermann Lotze’s Microcosm
  • Alex Kostova, Truth without Representation: Heidegger and the Prospects for a New Realism

14 – 15.30

Moderator: Saniye Vatansever

  • Dr. Giannis Stamatellos, “Seasons bring all things”: A Heraclitean ontology of time
  • Victor Ilievski, The Problem of Evil and Theodicy in the Republic 379b-c
  • Virgilijus Petuška, Aristotle on the Separation of Forms and Numbers


16 – 17

Moderator: Dr. Giannis Stamatellos

  • Biliana Popova, The Concept of Perfection in Medieval Arabic Philosophy: Differences between the Arabic Peripatetic School and the Sufi Philosophy in their Conceptualization of Perfection
  • Saniye Vatansever; Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey. – The Cognitive Basis of Disinterested Pleasure in Kant